The On Site Tackle Shop

 The complex boasts a well-stocked tackle and bait shop. A range of Gold Valley brand tackle, clothing, nets and luggage is available. Tackle by Drennan, Daiwa, Preston Innovations and other leading manufacturers is stocked and any tackle item can be obtained from our suppliers. We take great pride in the service offered in our on-site shop and feel our baits’ cannot be surpassed.

Our worms are supplied by one of the country’s top worm importers with fresh Dendrabenas and Reds being available. Our maggots are obtained from the Ouse Valley Bait Company. Based in Cambridge, Ouse Valley specialise in quality maggots and only sell to the trade. Our casters are of the highest quality being freshly turned on site on a daily basis. Our association with Ouse Valley goes back to 1972, and in the opinion of John Raison, they are the finest, cleanest, black fly free, large regular sized maggots freshly available on a daily basis. Ouse Valley are professional breeders and operate under full Government licence on their Gransden site.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our baits, all breadcrumb groundbait being toasted and then ground to an even texture, not the inferior crumb sweepings from bakery floors sometimes offered within the bait trade.