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"The Gold Valley Complex was developed from the start for anglers"

The Gold Valley Complex was first purchased in 1992 by John Raison (Raison Brothers) The Raison family have owned fisheries since the early 1960's with the original family fishing tackle business being started by their father in 1932.

The Gold Valley complex was developed from the start for anglers, allowing not only experienced fishermen but also beginners to have a memorable day. Our original stocks were unfished and most obtained from game waters and private estate lakes, these natural fish have spawned over the years producing thousands of fish special to Gold Valley, when needed and correctly sourced additional fish have been stocked along the way to make the fishery as good today as ever.

Since opening, the fishery has established itself as a venue for many of the top match fishing series and qualifiers with the who's who of the fshing world having wet a line at Gold. Whether you fish a match hoping to catch 200lb or you are going for your personal best specimen fish, Gold Valley is the venue for you. 

The complex has a newly refurbished licenced bar and cafe now known as "The Lake House" offering an "all day breakfast" and full menu of hot and cold foods throughout the day.

Ladies, gents and disabled toilets along with a fully stocked tackle shop and large secure car parking with additional parking behind over 60 pegs. The venue is available for day ticket fishing, match bookings and corporate events. 

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Gold Valley Lakes

Gold Lane, Government Road
Aldershot, Hampshire, GU11 2PT


Office: 01252 336333
Shop: 07786 827 333

Office: 01252 336333
Shop: 07786 827 333

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Monday - Sunday 7am - 7pm

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