Match Fishing Rules

Match Fishing Rules

Rules For All Matches on The Gold Valley Complex

  • Boilies may be used as hook bait only.
  • No nuts or beans.
  • No Particals are permitted except hemp / corn / tares.
  • No cat & dog food etc...
  • No bread.
  • No artifical baits.
  • No feeding of surface baits.
  • No fixed bolt rigs / No stops above the feeder or bomb.
  • Barbless hooks only.
  • No cupping with a second pole whilst other rod/pole is in use. (One rod or pole in use only)
  • All fish must be landed with a landing net - No swinging in.
  • All fish must be placed and not thrown or dropped into keepnets.
  • Fishing from platforms only.
  • No knotted nets.
  • No more than 60lb in each keepnet. (over 60lb up to 70lb in one net you lose that net - over 70lb total disqualification)
  • Silver fish, including Crucians and F1's under 2lb are to be kept in a separate net from all other Carp.
  • Mixing of carp and silvers will lead to total disqualification.
  • Keepnets must be pegged out on the bank and not put in the water until 10 mins before the start of the match.
  • No runners, spectators or helpers are allowed on the banks. (Blue badge holders see J.R.)
  • No fishing on after the match has finished - 15 minutes is allowed to land fish hooked before the final whistle.
  • No rods to be left in the water unattended.
  • All unused bait must be taken away and not thrown into the water or discarded on the banks.
  • All fish caught must be weighed NO throwing back.

No visitors are allowed to accompany match anglers on their pegs. 

Any angler found to be disregarding any of the above rules will be disqualified.


Tackle or bait must not be transferred between anglers, or spectators and anglers during the contest. Once an angler arrives at his peg he may not receive any assistance in the assembling of tackle, or the making of rigs. Any anglers not adhering to this rule will be disqualified.

All anglers fishing matches at Gold Valley must respect ALL the rules and not to indulge in any unsporting or ungentle manly behaviour, any tactical fishing with the aim of unfairly effecting the result will lead to the said angler or anglers being disqualified.

Bait and tackle in an angler's possession will be deemed to be in use.

Please use the toilets provided and not the banks or surrounds of the lakes. 

Parking in designated areas only - no parking or stopping beside driveways - no parking on grass areas.

Do not hold fish in towels.

Anglers must not fish beyond half way to the next angler.

No fishing on after the match.


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