Middle Lake

Middle Lake

Covering three and half acres, Middle Lake was designed for bagging up on various methods and styles, from pole to feeder or waggler.

Middle lakeMiddle lake with 40 purpose built platforms, some with parking directly behind making them ideal for disabled anglers. 

Middle lake was designed for bagging, with large stocks of small carp including F1's, barbel, a few larger carp, bream, tench, crucian carp, rudd, roach, ide and perch.

The centre of the middle lake is shallow with a depth of approximately 2 ft deepening to around 4 ft as you come back towards the bank. This helps keep fish closer to the back allowing easy fishing and big weights.

The method feeder and pellet waggler will produce good weights fished with pellets, with the pole producing big bags of Carp, F1's and silver fish to maggot and groundbait.


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